Lost In Liguria


From a tiny town on the Ligurian coast, a mere 700 residents live here; most families have been here for generations. The Ruffino family of Punta Crena has farmed the land above Varigotti for over 500 years, crafting wine from ancient grapes grown nowhere else on the planet.

Punta Crena ‘Lumassina’ Colline Savonesi, Liguria, Italy 2018
This is 100% Lumassina: Late-ripening (“lumasse” means snail in local dialect) and hard to cultivate, the Lumassina grape would be lost to extinction if not for a handful of families with the patience to grow it.

Punta Crena ‘Vigneto Ca da Rena’ Pigato, Liguria, Italy 2018
This is another hyper-local grape, and the freckled cousin of Vermentino. “Pighe” means small spots in Ligurian dialect, referring to the flecks of amber that develop on the skin of mature grapes. Punta Crena’s Pigato is a classic expression: citrus blossoms, acacia, fresh basil, cream, beeswax… Enjoy like the locals with pesto, vegetables, and fish.

Punta Crena ‘Cruvin’ Colline Savonesi Rosso, Liguria, Italy 2018
This “Cruvin” is one of a kind. No, really, it’s the last of its kind—yet another indigenous variety uprooted due to its low yields and difficult nature. Luckily, the Ruffinos still cultivate this rare breed, and the resulting red is deep purple, juicy, super fresh, and utterly swallowable.



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